Ways Of Working

ALEVS provides three flexible ways of working with clients. There is no restriction for any of them.


Usually, ALEVS recommends the best option for its clients considering the nature of the project. However, the client may select the alternative that is more suitable to its needs.

Flat Fees per Project

This option is used when ALEVS is required to provide its services from the beginning to the end of the project. Through a business proposal, ALEVS initiates and finalizes the assigned project based on a flat fee.

Fees per Hour

Regularly, this option is used when ALEVS will only work on a stage of the project. It is of great benefit for the client if ALEVS establishes a fee per hour for the assigned work. ALEVS will invoice the client based on the hours agreed upon in the business plan.

Fees per Consultation

Through a business proposal, ALEVS and the client determine a number of consultations in a period of time (usually a year). ALEVS is committed in providing a number of consultations through telephone, email, or in person.


Our services are supported by an experienced team of specialists in economics, tax, business, and finance.

This powerful combination of knowledge enables us to provide to our clients a broad portfolio of transfer pricing and business valuation services with the best price and quality in the market.

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