Our services are supported by an experienced team of specialists in economics, tax, business, and finance. This powerful combination of knowledge enables us to provide to our clients a broad portfolio of transfer pricing and business valuation services with the best price and quality in the market.


ALEVS can help you with:

Transfer Pricing

    • Development and update of transfer pricing reports for the compliance of tax obligations in the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific regions.


  • Development of global transfer pricing strategies.


  • Preparation, filing and negotiation of Advanced Pricing Agreements for the corresponding fiscal authority.


  • Design, implementation and assessment of transfer pricing policies.


  • Development of intellectual property migration strategies.


  • Review of transfer pricing reports.


  • Preparation and review of intercompany agreements.


Business Valuation

  • Analysis and report of business valuation.

  • Valuation of business and intangible assets.

  • Valuation of private companies’ shares.

  • Assessment and development of investment projects.

Economic Services

  • Estimation and analysis of macroeconomic and industry variables.

  • Economic reports of demand estimation and forecasting.

  • Cost-benefit analysis.

  • Impact studies for legal disputes.

Ways of Working

ALEVS provides three flexible ways of working with clients. There is no restriction for any of them. Usually, ALEVS recommends the best option for its clients considering the nature of the project. However, the client may select the alternative that is more suitable to its needs.

How Do We Work?